What Missandei really meant when she said 'dracarys' on Sunday's 'Game of Thrones'

What Missandei really meant when she said 'dracarys' on Sunday's 'Game of Thrones'

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Sunday night's Game of Thrones!

The standout moment from last night's episode of Game of Thrones for many was Missandei's death. After the Battle of Winterfell, fans could have been forgiven for thinking that there would be at least an episode's break from beloved character deaths, but alas that was not the case, and we were given a death as brutal as those at the Red Wedding.

Before Missandei met her end in front of a heartbroken audience, Cercei gave her the opportunity to utter any final words. After a long pause, she simply said "dracarys", which means "dragonfire" in High Valyrian.

Remind yourself of the heartbreaking moment in the video below: 

Keen fans of the show will know that this is the command Daenerys uses when she wants her dragons to breathe fire. It also bears a striking resemblance to the Mad King's, final words, "Burn them all", which, this being fiction, is no accident.

Now, it's being suggested that this could foreshadow Dany's ultimate fate... And it ain't pretty.

This is the preview for this week's episode of Game of Thrones: 

On the surface, Missandei's final word could be interpreted as her telling Dany to go forth with all the rage burning inside her and avenge her death, but it could also be interpreted as a sign that she's ultimately doomed if she continues on her current warpath of killing everyone who is preventing her from ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

AKA she will be the Mad Queen.

Dany has, after all, lost another dragon (RIP Rhaegal) and one of her closest confidants, so it's safe to say that things aren't looking good in her relentless quest to sit on the Iron Throne.

Not that every GOT fan has a problem with this...

However, even Missandei actress Nathalie Emmanuel offered her own interpretation of the haunting line. After tweeting "dracarys" during the show's airing...

...Emmanuel followed this with a very to-the-point translation: