Woman turns herself into Squidward from 'Spongebob' using makeup and props and it's terrifying

Woman turns herself into Squidward from 'Spongebob' using makeup and props and it's terrifying

If I handed you a shower cap, a couple of foam swords, some nipple covers, a beauty blender and a condom, and told you to turn yourself into Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants, would you know what to do? I'll be the first to put my hands up and confess that I'd have absolutely no idea where to start. I mean, who would genuinely have any clue as to what to do with those items? Acclaimed make-up artist Mykie, that's who.

Mykie certainly wasn't short of imagination when tasked with transforming herself into the turquoise cartoon octopus using just drugstore items. The young YouTube influencer, who is well-known for her incredible ability to morph into almost any character - including Pennywise from It and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad - challenged herself to turn into Squidward just over two weeks ago, having achieved success with SpongeBob previously. Unsurprisingly, she completely wowed her 1.5 million followers on Instagram - and terrified the life out of them a fair bit too with the result...

First, take a look at what Mykie looks like on a normal day. Soak it in, because she won't look like that for long

The talented make-up artist used a shower cap, perfectly sculpting the shape of Squidward's head by filling it with cotton balls

Next up was Squidward's long nose, which she fashioned by putting a beauty blender inside a condom and stuffing the inside of the nose with cotton balls.

Her next mission? The grumpy octopus' mouth, made from a foam sword

The amazing artist reminded her audience to use their imagination when creating a new look, using the leftover foam from the swords to create Squidward’s eyes

If you're aiming to copy her look, remember to utilise a mixture of cotton balls and lash glue to reshape the foam

If you thought Mykie's appearance wasn't quite screaming "Squidward" yet, you were right. In order to successfully achieve the look, there had to be a major colour modification

After creating the character's immediately recognisable droopy eyelids, it was the moment of truth, with Mykie about to put everything all together...

After sticking everything on her face - adding on squid-like bumps to her face using a combination of cotton balls and lash glue, and painting the sides of her neck black with liquid eyeliner - this was the final product. Tell me, are you more impressed or terrified?

How about now?

It's all fun and games reading our version of events, but you won't get the full effect of the startling transformation until you watch the incredible make-up artist in action:

So, what do you think of Mykie's extraordinary metamorphosis? Can you believe she did it all using only drugstore products? What unbelievable talent! Hear, hear, Mykie! See more startling transformations on her Youtube channel, Glam&Gore.