Wonder Woman sequel reveals title, first images and, somehow, Chris Pine's return

Wonder Woman sequel reveals title, first images and, somehow, Chris Pine's return

The Marvel comic book movies have been huge successes, from The Black Panther to Guardians of the Galaxy to Avengers: Infinity War. And the DC comic book movies...also exist. Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman and Justice League all got mixed reviews and disappointed at the box office. But there is one shining star in the DC movie world: Wonder Woman! Everyone agrees that movie was awesome and Gal Gadot crushed it. (And if you don't, she'll kick your ass.)

The first Wonder Woman was a massive hit, proving that women can star in tentpole superhero movies, as well as direct them. (Who knew?) So, of course, a sequel is on the way, and Patty Jenkins is returning to direct. As you might recall, the first film took place in 1917, with Diana, aka Wonder Woman, getting tangled up in the events of World War I. As an immortal Amazon warrior goddess, the character doesn't age. Fans have been curious where the sequel will fall on the timeline.

Well, now some details for the highly anticipated sequel have been revealed. The title is "Wonder Woman 1984," which also answers the question of when the movie will take place. 1980's nostalgia remains popular in film and TV. I can't wait to see Diana rock big hair and a power suit with giant shoulder pads. (And maybe George Orwell's 1984 will have an influence?)

This morning Gal Gadot shared an image from the film, in which her character watches a bunch of screens. One screen shows the prime time soap opera Dallas. Another screen shows the Christie Brinkley scene from National Lampoon's Vacation. I don't recognize the other images. Maybe one is Tron? Figure it out, 80's nerds.

Patty Jenkins also shared an image from the film, featuring Chris Pine's character, Steve Trevor, in 1984. Fans were shocked since his character appeared to blow up in the first movie. Also, since he's not an immortal Amazon warrior goddess, if he survived, he would be a pretty old dude in 1984.

Did Steve Trevor cheat the Grim Reaper, and travel through time? If so, does that take away the emotional impact of his character's death? Or, is this just an ancestor of Steve Trevor, with who just happens to look exactly like him? If so, wow, those are some strong genes. (Hey, they're comic book movies. Nobody ever really dies. Cough, Agent Coulson.)

In March, Jenkins announced that Kristen Wiig was joining the cast to play the main villain, The Target Lady. Just kidding. That one of her characters on Saturday Night Live. In this movie, she will play Cheetah.

According to Wikipedia, Cheetah is "a British anthropologist who, after locating the lost city of Urzkartagan and stumbling into an ancient ritual, becomes the avatar of their Cheetah god." In the comics, the character transformed into "powerfully ferocious humanoid were-cheetahs with great strength, agility, and deadly claws and fangs." Cool.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled to be released in November 2019.