You can now buy a 6ft 5" animatronic Pennywise just in time for Halloween

You can now buy a 6ft 5" animatronic Pennywise just in time for Halloween

Back in 2017, Andy Muschietti reignited the horror genre with his remake of Tommy Lee Wallace's 1990 cult classic IT. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, the movie follows a shape-shifting monster that disguises itself as a clown in order to prey on the children of Derry.

Now, two years after the immensely popular movie, The Losers Club must once again attempt to vanquish Pennywise, 27 years after their first attempt.

Check out the heart-pounding trailer for IT: Chapter Two in the video below:

Pennywise is without a doubt one of the most infamous villains in all of horror. Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jigsaw - they don't come close to the terror that viewers experience when they see Pennywise's iconic clown attire.

And thanks to a company called Spirit Halloween, you can now haunt your friends, family, neighbors and enemies with you very own animatronic Pennywise figure (and I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely pooped myself when I watch the video below.

Check out the terrifying animatronic Pennywise in action:

Standing at a whopping six-foot-five-inches - which is far taller than most adults - the giant figure features infrared sensor-activated actions, haunting light-up eyes, and iconic quotes from the movie (featuring the voice of in the voice of actor Bill Skarsgård).

The Spirit Halloween description reads:

"You’ll float, too! Your favorite horror movie monster is about to bring your Halloween horror scene to life!

"There’s nothing friendly about this authentically-designed Pennywise animatronic, and your guests will be scared by the sheer sight of him! Everyone knows what happens to the kids that Pennywise comes in contact with, so you better warn your guests about what he’s capable of before it’s too late. He’ll jump at you and scoop you up so you’re never seen again!"

Why not head over to their site now and get yours just in time for Halloween - and it's an absolute bargain for just $269.99!

And if you want to take the spirit of Pennywise into the bedroom with you (I mean, why wouldn't you want the giant Pennywise in your bedroom??), then you could enjoy this elegant - but still haunting - Pennywise balloon lamp from Zavvi.

Their description reads:

"Give your loved ones a scare and add a terrifying twist to your home with this Pennywise Balloon Lamp. But be careful, he might just come for you as well!

"This lamp works nicely in your bedroom, living room or study and is in the design of one of Pennywise the Clown's red balloons from the popular horror movie It. The balloon's string makes the stand for the lamp."