You can now buy a 'McDreamy' scented candle inspired by 'Grey's Anatomy'

You can now buy a 'McDreamy' scented candle inspired by 'Grey's Anatomy'

If you happen to be a fan of the hit ABC show Grey's Anatomy, you should be aware - even if you're slightly behind (spoiler alert, just in case!) - that Patrick Dempsey’s character, Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy was killed off back in 2015.

Yep, from that point on, the beloved neurosurgeon was no longer a part of the long-running medical drama - to the massive disappointment of countless fans.

And a whole four years later, many of us still cannot get over the character's untimely death, and consequently the end of Derek and Meredith's love story.

Take a look at the trailer for the season finale of Greys Anatomy:

If you're one of these fans, we do have something of a consolation for you. Basically, as unintentionally creepy as it sounds, you can actually get yourself a scented candle which smells like McDreamy - or at the very least, one that is very much inspired by him.

The salt and sea scented candle was made by a woman called Sandrine and is available on Etsy for $20. It supposedly wafts a smell "like a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat on a beautiful day to save lives."

The candle also comes with an optional gift box upgrade (for an extra $14.95) which includes a set of Grey's Anatomy pencils with popular lines from the show and a matchbox with the words, "It's a match."

Sandrine is also selling a candle inspired by Meredith Grey, which, according to the description, "smells like a dark and twisty, Harper Avery winning, chief of general surgery, who was married on a post-it-note."

Just as with the McDreamy version, the Meredith-inspired candle costs $20, and an additional $14.95 if you opt for the upgrade.

In terms of the reviews, most of them have been super positive:

"Shipping was super quick!" wrote one fan. And, my daughter, a Gray's Anatomy fan who begins work this July as a surgical nurse in a Level One trauma hospital, loved it!"

Another commenter simply wrote: "Incredible!"

What about you? Do these Grey's Anatomy-inspired candles sound like a tempting buy?