You can now buy matching Harry Potter pyjamas for the whole family and we're in love

You can now buy matching Harry Potter pyjamas for the whole family and we're in love

We've gotten used to crunching foliage underfoot, the evenings keep getting darker, and suddenly our tastebuds have started demanding sweet, caffeinated beverages in varying flavours of pumpkin spice.

Yes, winter is here, folks.

Now, when this kind of weather hits, there's only one place that I long to be: on the sofa, curled up in my PJ's, and binge-watching the entire Harry Potter franchise, of course.

This year, however, we have the opportunity to seriously up our game as Target has released matching Harry Potter pyjamas for the entire family, and no, this is not a drill.

The incredibly cosy-looking set featured a grey top with long blue sleeves. The slogan reads, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" in big, red lettering. As any Harry Potter fan will know, the secret message that needs to be said to get into the Marauders' Map is being referenced here.

To match that, we have some navy blue pyjama bottoms, which are patterned with the Hogwarts crest, Harry's iconic round glasses, and his lightening bolt scar to boot.

Are these the ultimate Harry Potter pyjamas or what?

The set is currently on sale at the American supermarket, Target. The pyjamas retail for $12.99 (£10.00) for the toddler size, $16.99 (£13.080 for the kids' size, and $24.99 (£19.23) for the adult size.

target Credit: Target

The matching family set has glowing reviews, with most customers rating the highest possible five stars, so it doesn't get much better than that.

If you're not in the USA, don't fret. Target does ship to the UK, so Harry Potter fans situated across the pond can also experience the delight of marathoning the entire series clad in matching, wizarding-inspired jammies.

target Credit: Target

In related news, even Harry Potter's titular man, Daniel Radcliffe, can't spot every reference to J.K Rowling's beloved series.

Daniel is currently starring in the Broadway play, The Lifespan of Fact, but unbeknownst to him, producers had slipped in a tiny Harry Potter reference. While the audience picked up on it straight away, it went right over the actor's head.

In the play, Radcliffe portrays the tenacious young fact checker, Jim Fingal, and in one scene he opens a door under the stairs, believing it to be a basement. Naturally, it turned out to be a cupboard under the stairs!

Daniel has admitted that he doesn't notice each and every reference to J.K Rowling's beloved series. "It wasn’t at all [related] until people pointed it out to me," he told Vulture. "I miss this stuff, I really don’t think about it. Somebody the other day, at the stage door, asked, 'Is it an intentional Potter reference?' No! I wasn’t like, 'Build a cupboard on this set for me to make a joke about Potter'."

"Last night it got a reaction, and I was like, 'Oh no, that’s people thinking it’s Potter.' It got almost a round of applause. I thought then that I’ve got to find a different way [to play that moment], I can’t encourage that," he continued.