YouTube prankster facing backlash after posting 'disgusting' incest video

YouTube prankster facing backlash after posting 'disgusting' incest video

Many people are doing increasingly stupid and bizarre things in a bid to achieve viral fame.

The most distasteful example of which was arguably Logan Paul's now notorious video of a person who had completed suicide at the notorious Aokigahara Forest in Japan. The video sparked international outrage, and while this should have been enough to deter other YouTuber's from pulling similar stunts, it did not.

Even Paul himself only appeared to be temporarily humbled by the backlash and has since caused similar controversies by tasering rats and announcing that he was going to "go gay" for a month.

Now, the latest YouTuber to pin his colors to the stupidity flag is PrankInvasion aka 26-year-old Chris Monroe.

For his latest prank, he posted a video which appeared to show him kissing his sister: 

In the video, he tells viewers that the woman in question is actually his half-sister, presumably to make his actions seem slightly less incestuous. After approaching her while she is getting ready, he somehow manages to talk her into the act off camera. The pair then sit down, tentatively kiss before engaging in a full-on makeout session.

And, falling right into the YouTuber's hands, the internet gave him exactly what he wanted: viral fame - and backlash.

However, as PrankInvasion's name suggests, all was not as it seemed and his 'sister' was actually an actress.

Since the video was posted on March 31, it has received over a million views and, understandably, 58,000 dislikes.