Girl hasn't cut her finger nails for four years and the results are incredible

Girl hasn't cut her finger nails for four years and the results are incredible

What with McDonald's eyebrows and engagement ring piercings, beauty trends have become increasingly gimmicky of late. Now, whether you choose to blame the internet - which allows such ideas run rampant under the guise of "creativity" - or believe that it's more of a money-making strategy employed by beauty bloggers, one thing is for certain: they're getting wilder and wilder.

While this isn't exactly a buzzy beauty fad, it's just as bizarre. One woman has refused to cut her fingernails for four years, and the results are incredible.

16-year-old student, Simone Taylor, has spent four years growing out her nails and now has impressive talons which measure over 15 centimetres. Her unusual hobby, however, does come with its downsides. Simone spends around three hours painting her nails, and has seen her grades at school suffer as she can't do PE classes on account of her appendages.

In fact, Simone, who hails from Nuremberg, Germany, has even had to re-teach herself how to write and type, and she needs to take extra care when doing everyday things such as showering and getting dressed to avoid any painful breakages.

"I have exams at the moment and it’s hard to write, after one hour of writing my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles," she explained. "Luckily, German schools don’t have dress codes, so they don’t cause any issues there."

"PE is a huge problem, though. I can’t play volleyball, basketball or anything similar. My PE teachers are always trying to convince me to cut my nails. They’ll never succeed in convincing me – but that makes my grades in PE really bad."

Simone's obsession with long nails began back in 2014 after she'd watched a few tutorials and learnt how to paint her nails properly. But while she now alleges that she's scared of nail clippers, she maintains that she never intended for her nails to grow as long as they did.

"It wasn’t my intention to grow them so long, but as they grew, so did the amount of compliments and they became more and more a part of me," she asserted. "During my first year, I always thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna cut them tomorrow,’ but I never did."

Simone's thumbnails measure 14.8cm while her remaining nails clock in around 11.8cm. In order to achieve her look, and keep her nails healthy she applies two base coats, a top coat, and it usually takes around 90 minutes for her to remove her nail polish.

She also uses two coats of nail strengthener and cuticle nails. In order to keep her talons hygienic, she cleans the undersides with a cotton bud every day.

Simone revealed that many people question how easy it is for her to use the bathroom, although she alleges that this isn't a problem.

And incredibly, Simone has only broken a nail once, and it happened while she was climbing a gate. As she jumped down, her middle finger got caught and her nail broke. As you can imagine, Simone was distressed. "I started crying and remember screaming, ‘Why my nail? Anything but my nail," she asserted. "Fortunately, I had my nail glue with me, so I was able to fix it. I’ll never leave the house again without my magical glue."

Well, there you have it. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Simone has committed to the cause.