Guy attempts to use photoshop to get out of a speeding fine but it massively backfires

Guy attempts to use photoshop to get out of a speeding fine but it massively backfires

In life, there are few things more annoying than an unforeseen speeding fine. We've all been there: you're cruising along the highway, absent-mindedly listening to the radio or staring at the scenery passing you by. Your foot begins to apply that extra ounce of pressure to the accelerator, and, without realising it, you're going an extra ten, fifteen miles per hour faster. Before you know it, you see the flash and know that a camera has just caught you in the act. Or worse, you hear the sound of police sirens behind you, and know with a leaden feeling in your stomach that a cop is about to pull you over.

It sucks - and to add insult to injury, those fines are often (quite rightfully) pretty damn expensive. You can appeal the ticket if you want, or desperately procrastinate before paying it. But put it off all you like: in the end, you'll have no choice but to fork over the dough. However, some grifters are so desperate not to part with their hard-earned cash that they resort to all sorts of trickery to cheat their way out of a hefty penalty. Nonetheless, trying to dodge the fine is often more trouble than it's worth, as the following example proves.

Jordan Notley, a 23-year-old courier who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, decided to take matters into his own hands when a speed camera caught him driving his transit van over the limit one day. Jordan decided to sneakily screw the system. The delivery man posted a letter to the Central Ticket Office, which stated that the guilty vehicle couldn't possibly have been his, as the van in question was off the road at the time the speed camera alleged it had been speeding.

It was a clear lie, but Jordan fabricated evidence to back up his claim. He harnessed all of his photoshop skills to doctor a picture of his van, in order to disguise its real identity and claimed to be completely innocent. On that occasion, he got lucky. But when he tried the same thing again, he was quickly caught out. As a result of this misdemeanor, he has since been jailed for six months on a stern charge of perverting the course of justice.

Commenting on the case, Inspector Steve Minnikin, of the Mobile Support Group, said:

"This case and subsequent period of imprisonment is reflective of certain members of society not willing to accept their responsibilities and engaging in what is nothing short of a criminal activity to cover their tracks. It is a form of fraud and a criminal offence and all for trying to dodge in some cases a relatively minor speeding or other road traffic offence."

"The message is simple – don’t do it. We will find you out and you can answer to the criminal justice system for a far more serious offence, which may ultimately cost you your job or livelihood."

Man, I guess it just goes to show that crime doesn't pay - and that photoshop should only be used for good.