Hailey Baldwin's bridesmaids are the definition of 'squad goals'

Hailey Baldwin's bridesmaids are the definition of 'squad goals'

It's been almost two weeks since Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber announced their engagement, and it looks like wedding planning is well underway. The pair hasn't announced a date yet, but it's looking like it may be pretty soon and, considering the company she keeps (a couple of Kardashians to name a few), it's going to be an occasion to marvel at.

If the excitement wasn't palpable enough, Kim Basinger, who's Hailey's aunt, just let slip that she's - believe it or not - already chosen her bridal party. Kim revealed to Us Weekly that Hailey and Justin aren't wasting any time, and have already chosen their bridal party.

Hailey's older sister, Alaia was the first of her bridesmaids to be confirmed. "From one bride to the next ..... congratulations to my baby sister on this exciting next chapter! I love you and wish you both the best. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!" She wrote on her Instagram. Hailey was her maid of honour back in September, so we can guess that Alaia will probably be returning the favour.

Kim stepped in and revealed her daughter Ireland Baldwin is also set to be in the bridal party. Ireland posted an adorable throwback of the trio not too long ago to congratulate her cousin. She wrote, "there’s gunna be one less lonely girl and only one lonely girl left my other chicken is soon to be a beautiful bride. congratulations to the two of you." As the Baldwin's are a tight-knit family, you'll be right in assuming most will be there to celebrate the occasion.

Interestingly, Kim admitted that she doesn't really know Justin personally. With all the countless headlines, rumours and social media posts, the name "Justin Bieber" probably calls to mind a very different picture compared to the man himself. To find a catch like Hailey Baldwin must mean he has some credibility, right?

Kim thinks he's a pretty cool guy, and she's happy for the pair. She said, "I think he’s come through a rough road. He’s a really cool kid. I pray for them." How sweet. After confirming Alaia and Ireland as bridesmaids, Kim kept quiet about the rest of the wedding details.

So who else are we hoping to see at Hailey's bridal party? I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone but we're guessing that Hailey's bestie, Justine Skye will play a big part in the wedding. Justine is a regular feature on Hailey's Instagram and Snapchat, so it's likely that she'll be involved.

As I said before, there will probably be some Kardashian influence, so also expect fellow good friend Kendall Jenner to make an appearance. It also wouldn't surprise me to see the Hadid's step up to the plate too.

As Bridal squads go, this is an all-star roster. The Biebs better pull out his A-game with the groomsmen.