Hard Rock Hotel Shaped Like A Massive Guitar To Open In Florida

Hard Rock Hotel Shaped Like A Massive Guitar To Open In Florida

In a move that’s set to make the Burj al Arab look about as extra as a Premier Inn, the Hard Rock team behind the eponymous cafe chain are finally ready to cut the ribbon on their most ambitious project yet. Costing around $1.2 billion and shaped like a truncated Les Paul, the all-new Hard Rock Hotel in Florida is a 450ft tall monument to music.

The monolithic glass building is part accommodation, part music venue. The vast 7,000-seat arena built into the side of the structure is set to host over 100 gigs every year, with vanilla crooners Maroon 5 opening proceedings. With 638 rooms spread over several stories, the hotel is fully booked for the next two weeks, as the novelty of an enormous inhabitable guitar sinks in. 

In addition to the chance to role-play as a musical borrower, guests can also marvel at the building’s astonishing LED fretboard display that beams into the night sky above the top floor. The hotel also rocks a giant swimming pool, the size of nine football pitches, a lazy river and a paddleboat lake. While mixing water with electronic instruments isn’t generally advisable, in this case, you can make an exception.

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As with anything in life, the already exciting experience is drastically different for the super-wealthy. In addition to being able to take full advantage of the vast casino - complete with 3,000 slot machines, a 46-table poker room, 193 games tables and 30 bars, lounges and restaurants - VIPs can also stay in their own private cabins that offer their own exclusive poolside experience.

As the hotel’s website states: 

"Boasting the sun-filled and sunset-laden South Florida skies, the Guitar Hotel is truly an architectural marvel that redefines the South Florida skyline. 

“The new venue will host state-of-the art technical capabilities that will support A-list celebrity performances as well as award shows, sporting events and nationally televised programs. The venue will be a stand-out option for entertainers and tours across the country as well as drawing internationally acclaimed acts."

Provided you can stomach the bill, the new building certainly sounds like a novel way to get an immersive Hard Rock experience.