Jennifer Lopez is unrecognizable in resurfaced dance audition from 1990

Jennifer Lopez is unrecognizable in resurfaced dance audition from 1990

It's no secret that Jenny from the Block has an enviable figure. The 49-year-old recently hit the headlines after she was recorded by beau Alex Rodrigeuz strutting her stuff on a pole in preparation for her upcoming movie, Hustlers.

However, the latest piece of footage to emerge of J-Lo, rather than being a feast for the eyes, really is the ultimate throwback and shows the songstress-turned-actress strutting her stuff in the audition that changed her life.

Here she is auditioning for what became her first major performance role, 'In Living Color':

Recounting her struggle in an interview with the Daily Mail, J-Lo said:

"I remember only getting to have one piece of pizza every day when I was a dancer. That's how I lived. I did that for a couple of years before I got my first big job. I wouldn't trade it for the world. For me, coming from that struggle, this is a dream come true for me. I don't say that lightly."

"I always consider myself as a dancer first," she continued to the Daily Mail. "I became a singer and actress after dancing. For me, it's so part of who I am."

While it's obvious from the audition that J-Lo's routine is far from perfect, her talent is clear, and she landed the job. She went on to appear on the show for to years before moving onto bigger and better things.

"I think I was pretty fearless. I think when you're younger, you are. Like, ignorance is bliss," she recently revealed to ET. "You have no idea [to think] like, 'I can fall on my face, and it's gonna scar me for 10 years.' You know none of these things."

Now a judge on World of Dance, however, J-Lo doesn't think that she'd have made the cut among what she's described as "the best dancers in the world."

"I'd like to think I could, but I don't think I could," she said to ET. "I don't think I would have made it very far here."

Still, there's no doubt that J-Lo's past experiences will play in an invaluable role as she mentors dancers on the show.