Kylie Jenner reveals the huge donation to charity she made for her 21st birthday

Kylie Jenner reveals the huge donation to charity she made for her 21st birthday

Sooo, in case you didn't know: Kylie Jenner just turned 21. It might come as a shock to you because she seems a lot older than she really is, thanks to the fact that she's already a hugely successful businesswoman, she looks way more, err, "polished" than your average 21-year-old, and that she became a mother this year to baby Stormi.

Of course, Kylie's birthday celebrations were nothing short of ~extra~ with her Barbie-themed party taking over a good chunk of social media uploads on Thursday night. There was a ball pit, a five-tiered birthday cake covered in Kardashian-Jenner Barbies, and many snazzy outfits worn by even snazzier guests.

Festivities didn't end there, either. Kylie shared pics of the next morning where the entire entrance to her house had been covered in roses by her boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott. Oh, and did we mention the all-white vintage Rolls Royce parked in the drive with a big ribbon around it?

Yeesh! Lavish much? Her family also gifted her a custom ping-pong table, Louis Vuitton chests and a bespoke Betty Boop travel suitcase.

But while Kylie might've been the centre of attention a smidge more than usual is this past week, she's also made sure to give back a little of what she's getting. The 21-year-old took to Twitter to reveal that she was making a birthday donation to those that are less fortunate. She announced that she would be giving a chunk of her Kylie Cosmetic profits to the Habitat LA organisation.

She wrote: "For my birthday I’m donating a portion of the proceeds from all sales today on to @HabitatLA, an amazing organization that helps provide housing for families in need around the world! Everyone deserves a place to call home! x"

The day of her birthday also marked the launch of her much-anticipated Birthday Collection, featuring all kinds of new drool-worthy lipsticks, eyeshadows and Lip Kits. There's no saying how much she donated, but my guess is that it's a lot. 

Last year for her 20th birthday, Kylie announced on Instagram that she was donating half a million dollars to a charity that supports young adults living with cancer.

"Thank you @teencanceramerica, @harryhudson, and of course YOU guys for helping me celebrate my birthday in such an impactful way!" she captioned the Instagram post.

Considering she donated $500,000 worth of sales last year, you can imagine that this year the portion of sales donated is going to be pretty massive too. Especially if you think about the fact that much of her Birthday Collection stock sold out very, very quickly once it was made available online.

She tweeted quite early on that her Mega Bundle had sold out, which is the most expensive of her Birthday Collection product bundles, retailing at a whopping $415. Judging by the rave reviews, fans love Kylie's makeup products, so she would've been absolutely raking it in on her birthday.

But no matter how much we can applaud the 21-year-old (who's set to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever) for her incredible success with her makeup brand, it's nice to see that she's giving back too. Good on you Kylie, and happy birthday.