Lamar Odom's fitness fiancée fires back at body-shamer over topless photo

Lamar Odom's fitness fiancée fires back at body-shamer over topless photo

Lamar Odom's fiancée, Sabrina Parr, has fired back at a body-shamer after she criticized a topless photo of her that was shared by the former NBA star.

The incident took place after Odom, 40, shared a sexy snap of the 32-year-old on social media, praising his beau for her natural body (which some people in the comments section believed to be a sly dig at Odom's ex-wife Khloé Kardashian).

Parr shows off her jaw-dropping body transformation:

"WIFEY😍!!!!!! 100% natural and 100% MINE!!!!!!!" he captioned the sexy picture and used several hashtags including "WCW" and "wife."

Sabrina was impressed with her fiancé's improved Instagram skills and publically praised him for it. "Look at your learning how to work hashtags now lol. I love you, baby. Thank you for always wanting to show me off."

In the video below, the happy couple works out together: 

But one commenter took umbrage with Odom's use of the phrase "100% natural", writing: "Leave the stupidity of 100% natural. If your fiancée is beautiful YES and not so natural too! Lamar seriousness."

In short, this commenter was questioning whether or not her body was really natural.

In response to this, Parr clapped back, "so it's stupid to be natural? I can't even get started with ppl like you tonight... Be careful tho because Lamar doesn't like when ppl say bad things about me. You might not be on his page much longer lol."

The former NBA star, who has also revealed that he and Parr will not be intimate with each other until they are married, did not respond to the troll.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

The pair, who have been engaged since last month, made their relationship official back in August. This was announced by Odom on social media with a number of snaps from their engagement night.

Showcasing the amazing tear-drop sparkler, Odom said, "Introducing my new fiancé!! Soon to be Mrs. Parr-Odom. She the ONE!!!!"

She also shared the pictures on her social media, writing, "I SAID YES!!!!!"

This will be Odom's second marriage, as many know. He was previously married to Khloé Kardashian in 2009 and their divorce was finalized in 2016.