Meet the man with the world's biggest mouth

Meet the man with the world's biggest mouth

When thinking of people with unusual bodily accoutrements, the majority of us think of those who are tattooed all over, or have mutilated themselves with hundreds of piercings. For example, there's Stalking Cat, the man who was known for his extensive body modifications - intended to make him resemble a tigress - or Michele Kobke, who shrunk her waist down from twenty-five inches to sixteen by wearing a corset every day for three years.

However, such transformations require great amounts of money and dedication. Francisco Domingo Joaquim, on the other hand, solely has genetics to thank for his unusual gift.

At an eye-watering 6.69 inches, Francisco has the biggest mouth in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. In fact, his gob is so big that he can fit an entire soft drink inside of it, horizontally, which has led to him being nicknamed the "Angolan Jaw of Awe" in his home country of Angola.

A then-20-year-old Francisco put his skills to the test back in 2010, at the "Big Mouth" competition held in Rome. Contestants were tasked with cramming their mouths with a slew of items including saucers, coffee cups and beer bottles, however, no one could top Francisco, who was able to fit a 330ml can of Coca-Cola into his unstretched mouth.

After performing his jaw-dropping talents on the streets of Luanda - the capital of Angola - Francisco attracted the attention of the press junket and was invited to perform on an Italian television show, where he popped a can in and out of his mouth 14 times in the space of one minute.

Francisco - who is also known as Chiquinho - was duly discovered by Guinness Book of World Record researchers who were scouring YouTube for new talent. After tracking Francisco down to his hometown in Angola, Sambizanga, he became a viral sensation, and since then, videos of him and his pie-hole continue to garner thousands of hits on social media.

The 28-year-old says that it was a "dream come true" to be honoured by Guinness World Records.

The Guinness World Record for the longest tongue measures 10.1cm (from the tip to the middle of the closed top lip) and is held by Nick Stoeberl. The 24-year-old, who hails from California, was featured in the 2015 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records after usurping previous record holder, Stephen Taylor, whose own tongue clocked in at an impressive 9.8cm.

The artist and comedian loves showing off his lingua. "I’m not only able to lick my nose, but also my elbow!" he told the publication. However, he did admit that a downside is "that I have to spend longer brushing my tongue in the morning."

Nick's father was a self-confessed "huge fan of KISS", and as a child, Nick would always imitate Gene Simmons' infamous tongue pose, which is when he realised that his tongue was longer than most other people's.

Weird and wonderful, or just downright bizarre? It's up to you to decide.