Meghan Markle has become the subject of an absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theory

Meghan Markle has become the subject of an absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theory

People love conspiracy theories. According to one theory, the world was going to be obliterated by the "death planet" Nirubu on April 23. (Yeah, it's June 11, but maybe it will happen next April 23!) According to another theory, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is the son of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. (Both countries start with a 'c' and end with 'a' - that can't be a coincidence!) And according to another theory, Keanu Reeves is immortal. (Watch Point Break - the man doesn't age!)

The latest conspiracy theory concerns the Duchess Of Sussex, and Greatest Deal Or No Deal Briefcase Girl, Meghan Markle. Last month she married Prince Harry, as I'm sure you're aware, unless you were shipwrecked and living on a desert island in a Cast Away situation. The newlyweds have been making public appearances, but viewers were shocked to see the "royal couple" appear on Britain's Got Talent.

However, something about the royal couple seemed a bit off. As one eloquent YouTuber put it, "her face does not move. Look at that. Are you f---ing kidding me? That's not normal. Bro. Get out of here. What is that? That's some Illuminati shit." Indeed. Has the royal couple been replaced by robots? Where are the real Harry and Meghan? Or have they always been roots? Did they ever really exist?!

The conspiracy theory spread on Twitter, as users wondered what up with the royal couple's baffling appearance. One person asked, "WHY IS MEGHAN MARKLE LOOKING LIKE A ROBOT?!" Another user offered an answer: "When u keep breaking the royal rules so they decide you can't be trusted in public and replace you with a robot."

Meghan has been breaking a lot of rules, as the first royal of color, the first royal divorcée and first royal to wear a poo emoji hat. Is the Queen so offended that she locked the real Meghan Markle in a dungeon and replaced her with a robot?!

Well, sorry conspiracy theorists, but it turns out Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not been replaced by robots. See, that wasn't the royal couple. It was two audience members wearing eerily life-like masks, created by Madame Tusseaud's London. For years, they've created wax figurines of celebrities, and now they're launching "Live Figures."

"In a world’s first for Madame Tussauds London, we are launching Live Figures, an exciting new step in the famous fun experience we offer our guests.

We have chosen Their Royal Likenesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for this new innovation.

Britain’s Got Talent is the perfect moment to show the public a first glimpse of our Live Figures before they make their official arrival in the attraction later this month."

The live figures of Harry and Meghan will arrive at Madame Tusseaud's London later this month. Or, will those live figures be the real Harry and Meghan? The conspiracy continues...