7 Of the most awkward moments from the 2019 Grammy Awards

7 Of the most awkward moments from the 2019 Grammy Awards

The Grammys have come and gone for another year, bringing with them the usual mix of high-octane musical performances, celebrity feuds and perceived slights from Grammy producers.

Ariana Grande had a high profile spat with one such producer in the lead up to the event, and then tweeted and deleted her anger at the decision not to award Mac Miller with the best rap album award posthumously.

After any such high profile event, when the dust settles it's time to dissect exactly what's gone on, so buckle  in, because here are the most awkward moments from this year's Grammy Awards.

1. When Ryan Seacrest seemingly forgot to ask who designed Bebe Rexha's dress

She later confirmed it was Monsoori.

2. Ryan Seacrest's interview with Lady Gaga

3. When Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott turned up after the red carpet coverage had finished

4. When Cardi B's diamonds fell off mid-performance

5. Alicia Keys and John Mayer accidentally getting photobombed by a member of the production team

6. Drake's best rap song acceptance speech got cut off 

7. Alicia Keys not knowing she was live (but still being awesome)

As always, the Grammys delivered its fair share of thrills and spills this year, not least via Ryan Seacrest's interviews...