8 Super-awkward moments from the 2019 AMAs you probably missed

8 Super-awkward moments from the 2019 AMAs you probably missed

Everybody loves an awards show, and it's safe to say that the 2019 AMAs didn't disappoint in that regard. It's always a pleasure to watch some of the most glamorous, talented people take to the red carpet to pick up an award for all their hard work, and for some under-appreciated artists to get the credit they so richly deserve.

Taylor Swift picked up the accolade of Artist of the Decade and was also the most-awarded artist that night, and the most awarded artist in the award show's history. Taylor boasted a whopping 29 wins, which extended her record for most Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album awards wins.

But to be honest, most of us tune into these shows for the drama. For the cringe-worthy speeches, the live TV debacles, and the eyebrow-raising outfits. There were plenty of all three at the elaborate award show this year, which was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Scroll down to take a look at some of our favorite moments below:

1. A fan calling Carrie Underwood 'extra' being recorded on-camera:

When Carrie Underwood made two speeches in the space of one night, a fan could be heard openly calling her 'so-extra' while the crowd applauded.

2. Selena Gomez's off-key performance: 

Selena Gomez took to the stage to deliver a stirring rendition of her song 'Lose You To Love Me', and yet a number of people seemed to think that her singing was more than a little off-key.

3. Taylor Swift and Halsey were the only people to stand when Billie Eilish was given an award: 

When Billie Eilish was given an award at her award show debut, Taylor Swift and Halsey seemed to be the only person standing up and cheering for her.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis stepping on Camila Cabello's dress: 

Scream Queen actress Jamie Lee Curtis made a guest appearance at the show, but accidentally stood on the hem of  Camila Cabello's gown. She was caught on camera making the unfortunate gaffe too! 

5. Shawn Mendes ignoring Camila's attempted kiss: 

When Camila Cabello seemed to lean in to give Shawn Mendes a little peck, Shawn appeared to be oblivious to the move, and gave her an awkward hug instead.

6. Toni Baxton's obvious lip-syncing: 

Toni Braxton also took to the stage with a performance of her own, but many people wondered if she was actually lip-syncing the whole thing.

7. Halsey's acceptance speech:

A lot of people couldn't make sense of Halsey's acceptance speech, which seemed to jump erratically from one topic to the next.

8. Taylor Swift shading Scooter Braun: 

Taylor Swift also seemed to make a dig at world-famous music producer and agent Scooter Braun during her own performance.

Did you manage to make it through all eight without cringing? I couldn't. But these aren't the only things that eagle-eyed viewers noticed when watching the American Music Awards, and we've written about all of them. For example, do yourself a favor and check out this article we penned all about Selena Gomez's new thigh tattoo, which was captured on camera by the paparazzi.