Alex Rodriguez shares video of J-Lo twerking on him during birthday celebrations

Alex Rodriguez shares video of J-Lo twerking on him during birthday celebrations

When it comes to birthdays, everyone has different expectations. Some people like to treat them as just another day, and don't appreciate all the unwanted attention. Other people might just want something subdued, drinks or a nice meal with their friends and family. However, it seems as though former professional baseball shortstop Alex Rodriguez falls into the third camp: the kind of people who love a massive party.

Rodriguez, who turned 44 on Saturday, wasn't shy about sharing his birthday celebration with the general public. This weekend he took to Instagram to post videos of the knees-up at Coral Gables just outside Miami.

Check out the video of J-Lo twerking below: 

However, his followers couldn't help but notice one particularly NSFW moment, in which he invited his fiancé Jennifer Lopez up to the dancefloor with him. The 50-year-old, who looked stunning in a pair of shorts and cropped t-shirt, then proceeded to twerk on A-Rod, to cheers of approval from the assembled guests.

Rodriguez captioned the footage: "Thank you all for the kind and warm birthday wishes today. I am so incredibly fortunate and grateful for where I am in my life. I thank the good Lord for my blessings, today and every day."

He added: "It’s important for everyone to take a minute and celebrate yourself, and not just on your birthday. We all make mistakes in our lives. Keep getting up. Keep pushing forward. Never give up. Miracles DO happen. I think about that every day. Thank you all and have an amazing day!"

Of course, you need to be pretty fit to pull off moves like that for any length of time. Luckily, J-Lo is no slouch in the gym, and recently she managed to wow her social media followers by sharing an image of her rock-hard abs to Instagram.