Ariana Grande posted a photo wearing Crocs and socks and now everyone wants to wear them

Ariana Grande posted a photo wearing Crocs and socks and now everyone wants to wear them

One of those universal axioms in the world of fashion is that wearing socks and sandals is the ultimate fashion faux pas. I can't explain why. It's an aesthetic principle, but ask anyone who claims to know anything about style, and they'll say that socks and sandals are a big sartorial no-no.

When it comes to sandals, Crocs are also often derided by fashionistas as being the nadir of footwear design. Thus, the idea of putting socks and Crocs together for any reason other than as a rhyme in some sort of lyric would be frowned upon by anyone working in the fashion industry.

Check out Ariana Grande's recent performance in Georgia:

However, pop starlet Ariana Grande is nothing if not a trend-setter, and when it comes to clothing she's considered a style icon by her fans. That's why she managed to raise a few eyebrows, and change a few minds this week when she uploaded a shocking pic to social media.

Taking to Instagram, the 'thank u, next' singer uploaded a picture of herself, rocking her signature ponytail with a charcoal-coloured sweater on. However, as immaculate as she was above the ankles, fans couldn't help but notice what was on her feet: a pair of white sports stocks and Crocs.

Is this meant to be a joke? Or is Ariana trying to rehabilitate Crocs and make them cool? We can only guess. But the picture didn't appear to be an accident, as Ariana later uploaded a second picture, in which her footwear can be seen more clearly.

If you're thinking of apeing Ariana's look, then we have the perfect wardrobe addition for you: Crocs that come with socks attached! In collaboration with the streetwear company Alife, Crocs have unleashed an all-new collection of their multicoloured plastic shoes which come with a pair of tube socks attached to them.

Sadly, they come with a fairly hefty price tag of $140 a pair, so you might have to be as rich as Ariana herself before you can afford them for yourself!