Ariana Grande's new tattoo has a hilarious spelling mistake and fans are pointing it out

Ariana Grande's new tattoo has a hilarious spelling mistake and fans are pointing it out

When it comes to selecting a tattoo, you need to do your homework. The last thing you want is to be one of those people who goes into an inking parlour, doesn't request the right thing, and ends up with the poo emoji on your ankle for the rest of your natural life.

If you're going to get a marking that lasts forever, you need to think of something somewhat meaningful, slightly tasteful, and definitely spelled properly. After all, whatever you choose is going to be etched onto your bare skin, so you might as well pick something cool in the first place.

Ultimately, what you choose to have tattooed on yourself is up to you, and nobody can stop you from doing what you like. But the nature of personal autonomy means that not everyone is careful when it comes to body art. Indeed, over the years, we've seen some pretty cringe-worthy tattoos, and it seems like even celebrities aren't immune to screwing up from time-to-time.

This week, artist Kane Navasard, shared a picture of a tattoo he'd inked for Ariana Grande, accompanied by the caption: "If you didn’t know, @arianagrande is a G. [sic]"

The thank u, next singer's new tattoo is a pair of Japanese characters, which according to Navasard translates as "seven rings" -  a reference to her newest track. At first glance, the tattoo appeared to be pretty tasteful. That was, until Japanese-fluent followers noticed that the tat didn't actually say "seven rings."

There appeared to be a mistake with the ink, and it now apparently translates as something else entirely. You see, the kanji character '七' means 'seven' while' 輪' can mean 'hoop,' 'circle,' 'ring,' or 'wheel.'

However, when put together the meaning is completely different! In actual fact, '七輪' (shichirin) directly translates as "small charcoal grill" and not "seven rings."

Predictably, when the public learned this they wasted no time in mocking Grande's screw-up.

However, while followers were making a fuss about the bizarre markings, Grande took to social media to state that she knew the tattoo was misspelt, but that getting the tattoo done had been too painful for her to finish, and she was happy with the markings regardless.

Ariana explained: "Indeed, I left out "つの指" which should have gone in between. It hurt like f*ck n still looks tight. I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough, I’ll suffer thru [sic] the whole thing next time."