'Baby Shark' just became a cereal full of marshmallow sharks

'Baby Shark' just became a cereal full of marshmallow sharks

Unless you've been living under a rock, or have had a very blessed existence, you'll have heard the notorious 'Baby Shark' song. It's a phenomenon amping children, and, for adults, the most annoyingly repetitive song they've ever heard.

Now, to capitalize on Shark Week (which is next week), Kellogg's have released a new Baby Shark cereal.

Shark Week, as the name suggests, celebrates all things to do with the fearsome fish - many of whom are, unfortunately, endangered.

So if you're planning on watching the Jaws movies, or just some good ol' shark documentaries on the Discovery Channel, then perhaps this cereal could be for you, or y'know, any Baby Shark loving kids in your life.

In the unlikely event you've never heard Baby Shark before, here it is... 

The new cereal is only around for a limited time, and it actually sounds quite tasty, containing "Berry Fin-tastic" flavored blue, red, and yellow cereal rounds and marshmallows. Delicious!

Just don't eat too much if you want to avoid an unpleasant trip to the dentist...

In a press release about the new cereal, Erin Storm, Kellogg’s marketing director of All Family Cereal, said: "We know Baby Shark is a catchy tune that has captured the hearts of many families."

"New Kellogg's Baby Shark cereal was created to expand on the joy families feel in a tasty way."

Baby Shark cereal. Credit: Kellogg's

And if sharks are your jam in general, or your kids', you can get in on the action in more ways than one next week. Build-A-Bear, for example, has collaborated with Disney to create a range of customizable shark toys in celebration of the event too.

So, will you be doo doo doo doo doo doo your way to snap up this Baby Shark cereal while stocks last?!