Cardi B doesn't keep her ketchup in the fridge and it's sparked a huge debate online

Cardi B doesn't keep her ketchup in the fridge and it's sparked a huge debate online

It's a fact that people on the internet can argue about anything. Maybe it's about what Star Wars movie is the best, maybe it's about what colour a dress is, maybe it's politics, religion, or any other subject. Anything that can lead to a squabble can become a major fight if the subject is controversial enough - even the contents of a celebrity's fridge. No really: I'm not exaggerating. Take a look at Cardi B's Twitter if you don't believe me.

This week, the rapper took to Twitter to write: "People who put their ketchup in the fridge are not to be trusted ... Like imagine cold-ass ketchup on your f*cking eggs. This sh*t really pisses me the f*ck off [sic]"

Seems like a relatively innocuous statement, right? Wrong. Moments after she tweeted, her feed was inundated with comments from social media users who thought that Cardi was crazy for not storing her condiments somewhere cool.
Take a look at some of the comments made by internet users below:






However, Cardi wasn't done there, and she later decided to make more comments about the way people keep their sauces, adding: "Cold hot sauce really pisses me the fu*k off too I hate cold hot sauce on fried chicken. [sic]" After that, she took things one step further by writing: "But you know what’s more annoying than cold-ass ketchup? Cold refrigerated pancakes syrup. [sic]"

However, this isn't the first time that Cardi B has caused controversy on social media. In fact, she's often making provocative statements that rile her followers up. For example, she once made a pretty brazen statement after she tossed her wig into a crowd at a live performance and then asked for it back. That's something that the internet is never going to let her forget!