Cardi B's high school teacher writes letter to her haters

Cardi B's high school teacher writes letter to her haters

Over the past year, Cardi B has gone from getting arrested for assault and lunging at Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week to setting American politics to rights.

But, while many of her fans have been cheering her on in the political arena, other people have questioned whether the Be Careful star should keep her opinions to herself.

However, one person who believes Cardi has the right to speak out about whatever she wants is Joan Hill, the singer's high school history teacher.

Joan took to social media last week to rush to Cardi's defence after people began trashing her for her recent political outspokenness, and a screengrab of her comments has gone viral.

In her tweet, the teacher - who worked at the Renaissance High School For Musical Theater & Technology in the Bronx, New York -  claimed that the 26-year-old was an impressive student who was using her "national platform" for good. She concluded her savage post by telling her former student's haters to "STFU and take a seat".

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The post read:

"For those of you on my feed who are trashing Cardi B for representing a political voice...

A) She probably scored higher than you on the US History Regents exam and was in my AP govt class

B) You're not nearly as busy as her, and what have you done to advance political discourse in this country?

C) She has a national platform and is using it to speak about things that are important... why can't we respect that?

D) STFU and take a seat."

Twitter/@BardiUpdates Credit: Twitter/@BardiUpdates

While Cardi herself hasn't reacted to the valiant defence so far, her fans have expressed their appreciation online.

"We should all be grateful to teachers like Joan Hill who obviously instils a passion for learning in her students which as in Cardi B case is sharing with the world," wrote one person.

Another added: "I'm proud of Cardi as a mother, an artist, and an activist. I don't know Ms. Joan, but she ROCKS!!!!! [sic]"

In the past, Cardi B has spoken fondly of her time with Hill in interviews. She once told CBS News, "I know that she's strict, but every single day until this day of my life, Ms Hill was always in my head."

The Money songstress' political opinions first caught attention back in January when she took to social media to comment on Trump's government shutdown.

In a video, she claimed America was in a "hell hole right now", stating: "It's been a little bit over three weeks. Trump is now ordering ... federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid.

"Now, I don't wanna hear y'all motherf*ckers talkin' about, 'Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days.' Yeah, b*tch! For health care! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check your p*ssy at the gynaecologist with no motherf*ckin' problem."

She continued: "This sh*t is crazy. Like, our country is in a hell hole right now, all for a f*ckin' wall. ... I feel like we need to take some action. I don't know what type of action, bitch, because this is not what I do. But, b*tch, I'm scared. This is crazy, and I really feel bad for these people that gotta go to f*cken work to not get motherf*cken paid."

This video followed an Instagram live stream in which Cardi accused Trump of "clout-chasing" for his border wall.

"You promised these f*cking racist rednecks that you was gonna build the wall, but you know that was impossible," she said. "But they voted for you and you promised them this shit so now you have to do it [...] Trump is like a clout-chaser. He's like one of these new rap artists: They follow, they do the most for clout. And Trump wants that."

I think it's safe to assume we'll hear more of Cardi's political opinions in the future.