Eagle-eyed fans think they've found evidence that Machine Gun Kelly's diss track was recorded six months ago

Eagle-eyed fans think they've found evidence that Machine Gun Kelly's diss track was recorded six months ago

Another day, another twist in the bizarre feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, eh? Hold onto your hats folks, because the latest development has got people questioning all they know about the epic spat.

In the aftermath of 50 Cent getting involved in the drama, fans are asking whether the heated rivalry could be more contrived than initially suspected.

Did MGK upload Rap Devil six months before the fact? Aren't both artists signed to the same record label? Does this prove that the battle was preconceived to generate publicity? These are all questions going through fans' heads right now.

Eagle-eyed fans have reported that diss track Rap Devil was uploaded six months ago by MGK, therefore 'proving' that the 28-year-old rapper did not write, record, master the track and make the music video in two short days.

The discovery has also spurred people to develop a theory that the bad blood between the pair of rappers is nothing but fiction. Taking to social media to discuss their controversial idea, many fans focused on the fact that both Eminem and MGK are signed to Interscope Records in order to prove their point.

"Just to let you know how business works...Eminem and MGK are both signed to INTERSCOPE RECORDS...if I have to say anymore to explain this you're too stupid to by my fb friend," wrote Twitter user @edwardbose.

He was joined by @AmbreEarnhart, who claimed that "Interscope is the real winner in this beef", writing: "I wouldn’t be surprised if they have someone writing @machinegunkelly’s response to @Eminem’s Killshot right now. It’s mad obvious from MGK’s previous music he didn’t write Rap Devil. It’ll be even more obvious if he responds."

Fans on social media weren't the only ones who attempted to put in their two cents. In fact, people in the music business have begun commenting on the matter, with American rapper, OverTime taking to Facebook to express his "professional opinion".

Giving four main reasons why the beef was fake, the Ain't No Fool star pointed out, as they were both signed by Interscope Records, this meant that record producer Jimmy lovine was involved, which therefore meant that the spat was all about business. "Although they are both from different sub labels, they are both with Interscope which means Jimmy Iovine is involved with both of their careers. (He’s in charge, regardless of what ANYONE wants to believe and he’s not gonna cut off his nose to spite his face) [sic]," he wrote.

In addition, he claimed that the spat was perfectly timed to coincide with Eminem's new album and that the Lose Yourself star "would have never responded because if it wasn’t spun exactly how Em wanted it to be spun".

To finish things off, he wrote that it had deliberately taken the 45-year-old a week to respond.

"The promotion for Kamikaze from the “beef” sent a HUGE spike in sales….soon as sales began to taper, Em released his response which then catapulted him back into conversation [sic]," he wrote. "In the industry, we are taught to set a rollout timeline for a record…which means a video release schedule, press schedule, etc… We will know this all to be true if MGK drops a full record within the next little bit. (Google it, MGK set to release a record September 21st)…….you’re welcome… [sic]".

So, is all of the evidence pointing to fake? It sure is intriguing...