Eagle-eyed viewers spot Nick Jonas performing with something stuck in his teeth at the Grammys

Eagle-eyed viewers spot Nick Jonas performing with something stuck in his teeth at the Grammys

Sometimes, its inevitable that you're going to get some food stuck between your teeth.

But getting something stuck in your teeth presents a problem for those around you, who have to mentally decide whether to tell you about it or just ignore it and keep quiet.

It's also extra embarrassing for the people who actually suffer this minor dental mishap - and even worse if this happens while you're at a job interview or, heaven forfend, performing in front of millions of people at a glitzy red carpet event that's airing on live TV.

Take a look at the Jonas Brothers performance right here and see if you can spot it for yourself: 

But sadly, that's exactly what happened to Nick Jonas when he and his brothers took to the stage to perform at the Grammy's last night, and all of his social media fans.

Yes, it seems as though eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that Nick had a little mark next to one of his (immaculately white) upper teeth, while the trio entertained with their new tracks 'What A Man Gotta Do' and 'Five More Minutes.'

Indeed, Nick himself later took to Twitter to acknowledge the gaffe, tweeting: "So honored to have been back on the Grammy stage tonight ... And at least you all know I eat my greens." 

However, Nick's wife Priyanka Chopra didn't seem to mind. Taking to Twitter, the actress shared an image of herself, Nick, Joe, Kevin, Danielle Jonas, and Sophie Turner, and captioned the post: "So proud of this fam. Congratulations @jonasbrothers you guys crushed it today. #grammys [sic]"

The three siblings also later appeared in a Shazam video in which they announced that they're due to release another album in the near future. In the clip, Nick states: "Hey everyone, thanks for watching our performance on the 2020 Grammy Awards – music's biggest night."

He added: "We performed What A Man Gotta Do - our new single off our forthcoming album and our new, unreleased song Five More Minutes. Shazam it away!"