Halsey furiously lashes out at heckler shouting her ex's name

Halsey furiously lashes out at heckler shouting her ex's name

It's a fact that bringing up the name of an ex to the wrong person can be a fatal mistake. Yes, sometimes people can be pretty damn touchy when it comes to a prior relationship.

But can you imagine how you'd feel if somebody kept bringing up your ex while you were performing on stage in front of a huge crowd?

Well, that's exactly what happened to pop star Halsey, as this week, a video of the 25-year-old has surfaced on social media showing the 'Without Me' singer lambasting a heckler who repeatedly screamed the name of her ex, American rapper G-Eazy.

Halsey appeared to be over G-Eazy in her 2019 AMA acceptance speech:

The incident allegedly occurred while Halsey was performing at a pre-Super Bowl concert in Miami on Saturday night.

When one member of the cheering crowd shouted out: "G-Eazy" while she was singing. Furious at the interruption, Halsey strode over to the fan and shouted at them, saying: "If you say G-Eazy one more f**king time, I will kick you out this building. You're not going to disrespect me like that at my own show."

Take a look at this video of the incident below: 

Per Bustle, Halsey and G-Eazy first met at a party back in 2017, and got on well enough to collaborate together on the track 'Him & I' - which explored their relationship together. They later broke up in July of 2018, and they enjoyed an on-again/off-again until September when they broke up for good.

In a 2019 interview with Glamour, Halsey claimed that her song: 'Without Me' is all about their relationship, stating: "The biggest lesson I learned was to make art, not headlines. Because it can become quite easy, in the social media generation, to go from being a musician to becoming a personality."

She added: "But I’m an imitator as well because I’m so passionately putting myself in other people’s shoes all the time ... I started surrounding myself with people I admire and really like."