You can now buy plush 'Baby Shark' backpacks from Amazon for less than $9

You can now buy plush 'Baby Shark' backpacks from Amazon for less than $9

Just reading the words "Baby Shark" incites dread in most adults. I bet right now, you're trying not to get the song is stuck in your head. Just in case it's not already, I'll link the video below so you can refresh your memory, you know, in case you've gone too long without hearing it.

The viral kid's tune even hit the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this year. Scientists chalk up its addictive nature to the upbeat repetition and simple subject matter.

Well, if you haven't got enough of the catchy, yet incredibly annoying, Baby Shark, Amazon (as always) has a solution for you. Now you can buy a themed backpack for only $8.79.

The tote is made out of soft, plush material that children will love. It's even got a cute little shark which has 3D fins poking out from the sides.

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Whether they're headed to the zoo, the park, the library, or school, this sack will hold everything your kid needs throughout the day. Say goodbye to lugging an obnoxious tote full of snack bags, juice boxes and wipes, now your child will be begging to carry their own backpack.

The backpack is perfect for any sized tike as it comes with adjustable straps. And, they can even chose from a string of primary colours: red, blue or yellow. Imagine their delight when the colourful cartoon sea creatures from the tune's music video are brought to life in a functional way!

But why leave this fun accessory to the kids? I'm considering getting my own Baby Shark backpack to match some of my bright-coloured outfits. Just picture the kind of conversation starter this thing would be.