NFL player 'knocked out' after nasty helmet-to-helmet collision

NFL player 'knocked out' after nasty helmet-to-helmet collision

NFL player Grego Olsen has been placed in concussion protocol after suffering a nasty helmet-to-helmet collision during a game.

The incident took place during Sunday's game when the Carolina Panthers competed against Washington. It happened with 3:25 left in the third quarter. While on a third-and-10, with Carolina lagging behind by a point, Kyle Allen struck Olsen on a short pass.

To see the painful collision for yourself, check out the video below:

Prior to the collision, Olsen had taken the opportunity to run toward the first-down marker. It is believed that the 34-year-old was knocked out by the ensuing strike, which resulted in linebacker Ryan Anderson being ejected for the illegal hit.

According to Panthers coach Ron Rivera, Olsen was recovering from the incident, which ultimately culminated in a 29-21 loss to Washington.

"We'll see how he is once he gets out of the [concussion] protocol," Rivera said, ESPN reported.

A helment-to-helmet strike at an NFL game. Credit: PA Images

This is not the first notable injury Olsen has suffered in recent seasons. In 2107, a foot injury meant that he was only able to play in seven games, and another injury resulted in a similar predicament for the player last year, limiting him to just nine games.

Olsen is now looking to his future outside football and has expressed an interest in working in broadcasting. As per Yahoo!, he has been flirting with the idea for a few seasons and served as an analyst in the booth during the Panthers' bye week this year.

Last month, a college football player was criticized for this dangerous tackle:

Having suffered such a severe blow to the head, the 34-year-old - who has been considering retirement - may well step off the pitch for good.

While Olsen had been healthy prior to the helmet-to-helmet collision, trauma to the head is always a serious issue, and this, coupled with his recent injuries, could be the final straw in what has been a difficult few seasons for the player.