Penn Badgley accidentally reveals 'You' season three is happening

Penn Badgley accidentally reveals 'You' season three is happening

While You season 2 only dropped on Boxing Day, it looks like it was so much of a success that a follow up is in order.

Penn Badgley, who portrays the incredibly creepy Joe (and Will), seemed to have let the secret out in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. While discussing the possibility of a female killer being discovered in the current series, he said "She doesn't appear to be the same kind of person. She doesn't appear to be the same kind of predator. She doesn't appear to be the same kind of... you know, dare I say, in the third season - oh, god!"

Quickly realising his mistake, the 33-year-old slapped his head, but of course, the reporter didn't let it go, and proceeded to press him for further details. "I literally know nothing about the third season," the actor responded.

The reporter then asked: "Are we going to get a third season?" Badgley nodded and said, "Technically I can't... I mean, like, unofficially?"

Check out the trailer for You season 2 below: 

The official synopsis for season 2 reads: "When we last saw Joe his heart was tragically broken and his past just caught up with him in the form of long-lost ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers) - a woman now hell-bent on teaching him a lesson."

"Season two finds him on the run from Candace - leaving New York City for his own personal hell: Los Angeles. He's fresh out of an intense relationship that ended in murder. The last thing he expects is to meet an incredible new woman but he's falling in love again - with a woman named Love (Victoria Pedretti). Is history repeating? Or will this time be the real thing? Joe's just crazy enough to risk finding out."

And people already seem to be loving the series. "You season 2 is so good, haven't finished yet but I can definitely say they really did a good job," wrote one fan on social media. "The plot is so absurd but all the characters are SO interesting. Candace is the baddest b*tch, I love her."

Another added: "Help, I can't stop watching You season 2. I am glued to my bed all night."

This season also stars Amber Childers as Candace Stone, James Scully (Forty Quinn), Carmela Zumbado (Delilah Alves), Jenna Ortega (Ellie Alves), and Chris D'Elia (Henderson).