People are actually wearing these prosthetic skin heels and they're perfect for Halloween

People are actually wearing these prosthetic skin heels and they're perfect for Halloween

Known for their otherworldly aesthetics on Instagram, the two-person collective, Fecal Matter, have just debuted their most wacky invention yet.

The duo - comprised of Hannah Rose Dalton and her partner, Steven Raj Bhaskaran - boast over 300,000 followers on Instagram, but it's their recent foray into footwear design that really has their fans, and the internet writ large perplexed.

A photoshoot sees Dalton wearing skin boots that morph into her legs. Naturally, it comes with a satanic looking horn heel, some piggy toes, and well, just take a look for yourself...

weird feet Credit: Fecal Matter / @matieresfecales

Per Vogue, the multi-hyphenates began dreaming up the shoes around a year ago. "The biggest focus of the [Vogue] article was the foot and the shoe," Bhaskaran said when speaking to Liana Satenstein. " Everyone was like, 'Is it Photoshopped? Is it not Photoshopped?' We wanted to put it out in real life."

The shoes - which were made with prosthetics, and then perfected with Photoshop - prove that Fecal Matter' wacky imaginings can be translated into real-life sartorial statements. "We can get this alien look and present it and tweak it with Photoshop and make it look really realistic," Bhaskaran continued.

"But at the same time, there is always this dysphoria in us. There is this urge inside of us to take what we do on the Internet and try to create that via real life. That is what we are doing with the shoes."

According to the pair, creating the shoes was akin to crafting a piece of custom couture. Each part of the resulting product was made out of silicon and moulded to match Dalton's leg, and it's a process that took four trials.

Certainly, everything from the skin tone to the arch of the foot mimics Dalton's actual body.

"The shoe is like when you are going to Chanel to get a wedding dress. You get the fittings and the customizations. For even me to get the shoe, I have to stand and each of my legs have to be perfectly molded," Dalton explained to Vogue. "

"It is like creating a custom art piece that is wearable," Bhaskaran added.

Like anything Chanel, the starting rate for the shoe is $10,000.

The footwear ties into Fecal Matter's overarching philosophy: reflecting what the duo think humans will eventually look like as a result of technological advances, social media and body modification.

"The bottom line is the masses aren’t going to adapt to this. It isn’t like tomorrow everyone is going to be wearing these heels, but we want the masses to accept it and see it as something not scary or intimidating," Bhaskaran asserted. "Through our platform, a lot of people are gaining confidence and living their lives without fear."

As of now, Fecal Matter only have one pair of the shoes, which they debuted today at their first-ever fashion show at the Mandrake in London. They do, however, have plans to make more. Bhaskaran is currently in the process of having their own made, and allegedly they're going to have "more hair".

For the rest of us, they're thinking a pair of pumps.

Sounds casual.