Disturbing scene from 'You' season 2 has left fans 'physically sick'

Disturbing scene from 'You' season 2 has left fans 'physically sick'

Be warned, there are some Spoilers to You season two ahead...

The highly anticipated You season two was released by Netflix on Boxing Day to rave reviews from fans.

While some have already binged their way through the entire season, others are taking it episode by episode, and one particular scene in episode two has had fans the world over reaching for their sick bags as Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) seemingly does the impossible and sinks to a new level of depravity.

This is the official trailer for You season two:

In the episode titled Just the Tip, we learn that Joe, now living under the alias of Will, a man whose identity he has stolen, now owes money to a man named Jasper (Steven W. Bailey).

Now, spoiler alert, after mistaking Joe for someone else, Jasper cuts off the tip of his finger, and Joe being Joe, well he doesn't hold back when it comes to getting his revenge. He kills the dude then puts his body through a meat grinder. It's like Sweeney Todd, but worse. Much, much worse.

"Joe makes me frikin nauseous," wrote one Twitter user. "What the hell I literally feel the need to puke. What a bloody pyschopants."

Sydney Bucksbaum from Entertainment Weekly tweeted: "Like I said, #YOUSEASON2 is incredible. But I really need to yell about *that* moment in episode 2 that almost made me puke. It is ART. And it is SO WRONG. I can NEVER UNSEE IT. #YouNetflix."

In an interview with TVLine about episode two, Badgley described it as a "bizarre opera" with "a lot going on… the original script was even longer."

Badgley explained: "We had a life-sized, very authentic prosthetic body. It was a headless body that was extremely realistic to touch and sight. All of the body hair, each hair, was a real human hair that was applied individually. So the amount of human labor that went into this body was pretty great.

"It was rigged so that it would bleed when you cut into it. There was also a removable arm. It was really interesting to talk to the people who made it, because they were all so sweet. They just love horror movies, and they have this really pure love of craftsmanship and handiwork.

"In a way, it was exciting - and then came the time to cut into it. That part was nauseating, actually. Very surreal."

Penn Badgley in You season 2. Credit: Netflix

Without giving away any major spoilers since not all of us (including myself) have binged our way through the second season yet, Badgley said it was his favorite murder of the season, calling it "the most viscerally felt."

I dread to think what else the season has in store, but unfortunately, I just can't look away...