Seann William Scott reveals that he wants to do a "Role Models" sequel

Seann William Scott reveals that he wants to do a "Role Models" sequel

Unlike other nineties and noughties superstars, it’s fair to say that Seann William Scott’s career hasn’t been the success story he might have hoped. After starring as the crass Steve Stifler in Hollywood’s most iconic pastry-based movie series, he may have expected to appear in a few more big blockbusters, or at least a Marvel film or two. However, while he might not be in line to assume Tony Stark’s mantle any time soon, a recent Reddit AMA has revealed that William Scott is harbouring franchise ambitions of his own. 

In an appearance on the message board to promote his new movie “Bloodline”, William Scott admitted that he would relish the chance to reprise one of his most iconic roles. Responding to a fan, the actor described how some of his fondest movie memories come from his time on the set of 2008’s Role Models. By the sounds of it, he’d be keen for a repeat. 

As he put it in the AMA:

"Ahhhhhh!!! Role Models!!! So much fricking fun!!!! I think I put a dead fish under the sofa in Paul Rudd's trailer which stunk things up in there hard until he discovered it a few days later.... he got me back when he hid a dirty diaper in my trailer."

The original movie saw William Scott star alongside Antman, as a pair of energy drink salesman forced to complete community service in the company of troubled youths. William Scott, who played fun-loving Wheeler in the film also told Reddit: 

"Every day was a ball on that film!! I would also love it if me, Paul and Wain [David Wain, the director] worked together again!"

Watch the original Role Models trailer here:

As exciting as William Scott’s enthusiasm might be for a Role Models repeat, fans shouldn’t count their chickens quite yet. A few years ago, the actor was asked bluntly about the likelihood of a follow-up, and he explained that times had changed. Speaking to Cinemablend, he said:

“Somebody had told me, I met a really big producer who actually used to run a studio. This was like a few years ago, actually. If you think about how, I mean, R-rated comedies are dead, unfortunately. Pretty much.”

"And this producer told me four or five years ago. He was like, 'man we could never make Role Models today.' I was like, 'really?' He was like, 'Nope. Studios, it's just a different system. Just that premise. It's just. It's not worth the money for these people now. It's a completely different group of people making decisions on what movies get made.' So I think based on that probably not."

Looks like Role Models devotees are going to have to be patient for a while yet.