16-year-old wins $3m in first ever 'Fortnite' World Cup

16-year-old wins $3m in first ever 'Fortnite' World Cup

Fortnite has been all the rage since the video game hit platforms and computer screens two years ago. From killer millennial dance moves like flossing to the orange justice, we just can't get enough of this sweet sweet virtual world where you fight off zombies and each other to survive on an island.

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If you need an idea of just how popular Fortnite has become, the first ever World Cup has just taken place, and the first-place 16-year-old took home $3 million.

The tournament of 100 players took place at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. Over 40 million players competed over 10 weeks for the chance to be invited to the tourney. But only the creme de la creme of the Fortnite universe gathered for one night in front of a full crowd to play hours of the game and find out who really is the best in the world.

After six solo rounds, player Bugha (real name Kyle Giersdorf) came out on top, but while he is now $3 million richer, the other 99 participants didn't go home empty handed.

Players who came in  21st-100th got $50,000. That's a significant amount of dough just for just showing up. Everyone who came ahead of them didn't do so bad either; second place pulled in a whopping $1,800,000.

Fortnite tweeted a photo congratulating the top players with the caption: "Congrats to all of our winners this weekend at the Fortnite World Cup Finals."

Twitter blew up when people discovered what was going on, and that a teenager made more than most people do in several years of work. Barstool Gametime even likened Kyle Giersdorf to football and baseball great Bo Jackson. The account tweeted a photo of him next to Bugha with the caption: "Greatest athlete then vs now. We see no lie here."

Kyle told BBC in an interview: "All I want is a new desk and maybe a desk for my trophy." No lambo for this guy. He's focused on his future comfort in school work and playing more Fortnite.