Absolutely brutal cheap shot gets college star barred from campus after video goes viral

Absolutely brutal cheap shot gets college star barred from campus after video goes viral

As someone who has played competitive sports for most of my life, I know as well as anyone that there are occasions when the red mist descends and all bets are off.

It could be that your team is getting blown and frustration boils over, or something as seemingly innocuous as a comment or cheap foul from a member of your opposition.

It happens in every single sport, at every level of competition all over the world - the competitive nature of sports in general feeds into the losing of one's head.

I've broken tennis racquets, got into fisticuffs during football games and even once hit a cricket ball through a greenhouse window in a fit of temper, and I'm not proud of any of them.

With that being said, none of these outbursts quite compare to the outrageous incident that took place during a division III college basketball game between Fitchburg State University and Nichols College.

Basketball game Credit: Twitter

Kevin Platt, who was previously named player of the week in the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference has become the centre of attention for a reason other than his basketball prowess after a now-viral video surfaced of him appearing to throw a brutal cheap shot at opponent Nate Tenaglia.

Basketball foul Credit: Twitter

Teneglia, who had just hit a three, was struck by the cheap shot from Platt, who appears to check where the ref is looking before levelling Teneglia with what seems to be his right elbow, before running back on defense.

Officials said the incident was being taken "very seriously", and that Platt had been barred from Fitchburg University campus;

“In addition, the case is under review by Fitchburg State for consideration of further sanctions.

 “The MASCAC has also vacated his player of the week award. His behavior goes against the MASCAC’s mission which includes good sportsmanship.”

Platt had been named the conference's player of the week after averaging 24.5 points and 12.5 rebounds.