Brazilian UFC star shows grizzly photo revealing how he nearly lost his ear at UFC 225

Brazilian UFC star shows grizzly photo revealing how he nearly lost his ear at UFC 225

As someone who knows all too well how it feels to suffer a broken bone (yes, I was very drunk, and yes, it still hurt so much), I recoil in horror at the mere thought of stepping foot inside a UFC Octagon. Despite the obvious padding, the quintessential UFC battleground looks truly frightening with its asylum-esque metal fencing - and with encounters often ending with blood splattered everywhere, the Octagon sometimes looks far too much like the scene for a particularly harrowing horror movie.

For the average spectator however, UFC is pure gold. While I don't like to indulge in acts of brutal violence myself, there is something truly cathartic about watching two men or women savagely punch and kick each other in search of sporting immortality. While I'd love to tell you all I'm far too sophisticated to watch people scrap it out for my viewing pleasure, it's simply not true. I'm a barbarian.

Over the years the UFC has given us some pretty great moments, and some pretty grizzly injuries - but UFC 225 may have yielded the most shocking yet.

For those of you that don't follow this shudder-inducing sport, UFC 225 saw 33-year-old Brazilian Rafael dos Anjos take on Colby Covington, 30, for the interim welterweight title. While Dos Anjos was hoping to become part of a small group of elite fighters that have claimed titles in different UFC weight divisions, it didn't turn out to be his night... in more ways than one.

Dos Anjos ended up losing to a unanimous decision from the judges, but he also nearly lost something a lot more precious... his ear. Struggling from the early stages of the bout, blood could be seen gushing from the fighter's head after he grappled with his opponent.

Initially the commentators thought Dos Anjos' cauliflower ear had burst, but it turned out to be a lot more sinister. Sharing a photo with his fans, Dos Anjos revealed after the match that his ear was nearly ripped clean off during the frenetic encounter. Captioning the photo, "Tough situations build strong people" - it's clear that he isn't happy to rest on his unfortunate defeat.



As you can see, it's not pretty. Dos Anjos simply needed stitches after the initial injury, but has now decided to undergo plastic surgery in a bid to put the issue to bed. Sadly for the Brazilian, this is not the first time he has suffered with ear problems; he has needed to have stitches five times since a particularly nasty sparring session with then-UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping last October. Ouch.

Obviously for the spectator on his sofa at home the UFC is great; the real ramifications of dedicating your life to such a brutal sport however are harsh, as Dos Anjos has shown. One more reason for me to stick with my BT Sport package, and leave the fighting to the professionals.