'Brazillian Hulk' vows to tear head off 'Iranian Hulk' after accepting MMA challenge

'Brazillian Hulk' vows to tear head off 'Iranian Hulk' after accepting MMA challenge

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, some of you might be wondering what happened [spoilers] to the Hulk. Before, in previous Avengers movies, the Hulk was a green harbinger of destruction lurking inside a quivering, mild-mannered scientist. But in the latest Marvel movie, the Hulk and Bruce Banner combined, leaving us with a much more docile Hulk than we're used to.

It's not even hinted at in the trailer for Avengers: Endgame:

Some might have loved it, but some of you guys out there might have hated it. If you're looking for more opportunities to watch people suffer at the hands of a rage monster and there's no space left in Russell Crowe's entourage, then you could do a lot worse than watching these two real-life Hulks battle it out.

We've already talked about Sajad Gharibi, the Iranian Hulk, the 6'8" man seemingly made of little but muscle, gristle and neck, who announced his MMA debut and is already set to fight Martyn Ford. Assuming he comes out of that okay, he's got another fight to come up against, and it looks like he could actually meet his match.

Calling Gharibi out on Instagram, Brazilian fighter Romario Dos Santos Alves - also known as the Brazilian Hulk - says he'll tear his counterpart's head off, and looking at the size of them both, I don't know if that's an exaggeration.

Gharibi's already teased his MMA debut with a "Brazilian fighter" - I hope it's this one, because everyone else will get creamed. "I'm finally accepting my first professional fight from a Brazilian fighter before 2020," Iranian Hulk said on Instagram.

Assuming these two actually get to the ring, here's an artist's representation of how that particular fight will go down:

Ooh. So cinematic. I can't wait for this fight to go down. It's going to be a memorable fight if it does.