Conor McGregor is being fat-shamed by fans after new photo emerges

Conor McGregor is being fat-shamed by fans after new photo emerges

Since he had a boxing match with Floyd "Money" Mayweather and lost last year, not much has been seen of Conor McGregor. Well, I say not much, but I'm talking in a professional sense. Of course, since the fight, McGregor has struggled to keep himself out of the headlines.

There were the rumours that he had got into a bar fight with the Irish Cartel, then he apparently had an affair with Rita Ora and, then, most recently, he attacked a bus carrying a load of UFC fighters and is now facing three charges of misdemeanour assault, and one count of felony criminal mischief, and is due to appear in court on Thursday (June 14).

So yeah, Conor McGregor has been basically been busy ruining his brand and making a bad name for himself - something which UFC President Dana White mentioned after the UFC bus incident.

"I mean, do you wanna be in business with Conor McGregor right now? Do you wanna chase this guy around for interviews and buy his flights? Do you? I don’t think anybody is gonna want him right now.

"I think everybody is gonna be pretty disgusted in Conor McGregor right now."

White also said that if the Crumlin-born fighter wanted to settle his long-running feud with Khabib Nurmagomedov, he should look to do it inside of the Octagon.

"Listen, you don’t like Khabib and you don’t like what happened then fight Khabib. You can come in here and you can do it legally.

"Sh*t, this fight’s happening Saturday, we could’ve talked and had the Khabib fight right after. You could do whatever you wanted to Khabib within the limits of the rules of, you know, fighting.

"But you wanna grab 30 f*cking friends and come down here and er, do what you did today? It’s disgusting and I don’t think anybody is gonna be huge Conor McGregor fans after this."

However, if McGregor is looking to make a return to the fight-game in order to settle the score with Khabib, he may need to get training. Appearing on his social accounts, McGregor posted a photo celebrating his Straight Blast Gym teammate Cian Cowley’s win at the BraveCF13 MMA event in Belfast on Saturday.

"Congrats CianCowley from the cells to the stadiums. Not a scratch. They done nothing. Jet leaves Tuesday my brother have a good one #Animal."

Rather than congratulating the up and coming fighter on his victory, some of the UFC star's fans couldn't help but notice that McGregor was looking a little bit, shall we say... beefy?

While McGregor may be looking a little "larger" than usual, I wouldn't go about saying it to his face and he would knock me out instantly.

Still, I guess that's what happens when you become a millionaire and the face of Burger King overnight. All those whoppers take their toll.