Conor McGregor reveals he is building houses for the homeless

Conor McGregor reveals he is building houses for the homeless

Irish fighter Conor McGregor is best known for two things. Firstly, he's famous for being to kick anyone's teeth in. But secondly, he's also infamous for his outrageous spending habits.

Fair play to the man, he does make a ton of money off of his fights. But seriously, every time McGregor lands himself a big win, the next day on social media he can be seen flashing huge wads of banknotes, swilling champagne like it was orange squash, and indulging in some serious partying.

Check out this video of Conor McGregor taking on 'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones:

However, now Conor has decided to give back to his own community. The UFC fighter has just invested in property development and is currently building a total of eight homes for homeless people living rough on the streets of Dublin. 

Conor took to Twitter to share photos of the build, writing: "Back on the site today, it has been a while. This is my first property development. We have eight homes here closing in on finish. Three bedroom houses, designated for families that currently reside in hotels around the capital, without a home to call their own. But not for long. Through the storm comes the sun!"

He added; "Walking around this land and these homes today, meeting all the neighbours, knowing that soon there will be families living here, creating their own memories, and building back their lives, gives me great pride! Ireland forever! Ireland first! Ireland always!"

McGregor announced his retirement from MMA earlier this year, stating his intention to pursue other business opportunities. Although many fans are clearly clamouring for his return to the ring, Conor appears to be very much busy with his altruism. I guess the Gaelic warrior really does have a heart of gold after all!