Conor McGregor shares emotional hug with Cowboy Cerrone's grandmother after 40 second KO

Conor McGregor shares emotional hug with Cowboy Cerrone's grandmother after 40 second KO

Fans had seen a different side to Conor McGregor in the build up to his much anticipated UFC comeback fight against Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone.

McGregor, known typically for his sharp wit and brutal verbal attacks on his opponents, was unusually serene and friendly at the pre-fight press conference and weigh in, and spoke repeatedly of his respect for Cerrone as a family man.

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Per Bloody Elbow, in the lead up to the bout, Conor even suggested that it was due to his respect for Cerrone's family values that he selected him as his opponent;

“Well I said I’d fight him right?

“I mean, me and Donald have a history, a long history, well not a long history, but we’ve had a history. It’s an exciting bout. It’s a fan friendly bout. It’s a fight that excites me and it’s a fight that I said I would take.

“He’s also a family man, with his grandmother, and I appreciate that and I respect that."

And in the aftermath of his devastating victory by way of TKO, Conor displayed that respect once again, kneeling to embrace his opponent, before having an emotional moment with Cerrone's grandmother in the octagon.

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And she had a warm embrace for her grandson too after the tough loss:

And here's the moment Conor and Grandma Cerrone shared a few warm words and a hug in the aftermath of the bout:

In the post fight interviews, Conor reserved a few special words for Cerrone's grandmother, and reiterated his respect for the Cerrone family:

As Conor alluded to in his interview there, it was pointed out on twitter that Jerry Cerone has been in her seat from the very first fight of the evening, showing an incredible passion for mixed martial arts and, of course, phenomenal support for her grandson.

In conclusion, Grandma Cerrone is a legend.