Cricketer's trash talk massively backfires as he dislocates jaw

Cricketer's trash talk massively backfires as he dislocates jaw

Cricket might not strike the uninitiated as the most rough and ready sport of all time, but you know what they say: it's always the ones you don't expect that can cause the most damage.

Sure, the word 'cricket' might conjure up an idyllic image of a village green on a lazy summer evening, the dull 'thwack' as bat meets ball resounding through the still air. It might put in mind jugs of Pimms and polite applause, all white attire and an occasional sporting cry of "shot, Nigel!"

Check out this baseball fan taking a ball to the body to avoid spilling his beers:

But reader, I'm here to tell you that cricket is, in actual fact, capable of inflicting real world damage on its participants.

A cricket ball, if you haven't held one for a while, is an extremely dense object, more than capable of causing injury to an unsuspecting fielder. And cricket has been forced to contend with tragedies in its past, leading to new safety technology on helmets.

Now, it's a truth self-evident that anyone who has participated in sport at any sort of competitive level will have come across trash-talking in some form or another. It might be something you associate more with combat sports, or even NBA hoop or the NFL, but cricket has a long history of sledging too.

Yet cricket player Jayden Regan got so enveloped in trash talking an opposition batsmen, after they were removed one short of a century for 99 runs, that he popped his jaw out of place.

Now that's some intense trash talking. Per the Herald Sun, Regan and the batsman Jeff Bluhm had been going back and forth throughout the latter's innings.

But the incident left Regan in some serious pain, and he was forced to go to hospital to have his jaw put back into place.

"We got a bit excited and started to carry on as you do and then I thought, nah I’ll give it a bit more and then the jaw just fell out of place,” Regan recalls.

Indeed, the pain was so bad that Regan was "screaming" in the emergency room before he was attended to.

In the end, though, he was able to return to the ground to celebrate his team's victory - and have a laugh about the intense period of trash talking with Bluhm.