Dan Bilzerian just lost an enormous pile of cash betting against Conor McGregor

Dan Bilzerian just lost an enormous pile of cash betting against Conor McGregor

Last night, Conor McGregor reminded everyone exactly what he is capable of in the octagon when his mind is fully focused on the task at hand.

By his own admission, in recent times the Crumlin-born fighter has not exactly been as engaged with his UFC career as he was during the meteoric rise that saw him become the promotion's first ever two-weight world champion.

Conor's left hand may be famous for its devastating power, but not everyone was so convinced by the way he threw a football:

Yes, there was no belt on the line last night and there are surely tougher tests to come, but Conor withstood the monumental pressure on his shoulders to make a successful comeback to the octagon to put on an absolute clinic last night.

Conor came out of his corner like a wrecking ball powered by Popeye's canned spinach and threw an absolute bomb of a left hand mere seconds into the bout. This was not a Conor McGregor in the mood to hang around, despite the pre-fight niceties.

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After an exemplary display of shoulder striking in the clinch, Conor rocked Cerrone badly with a left kick to the head, before leaping in to finish the contest with a series of crushing blows from his patented left hand.

The Crumlin-born fighter was the clear betting favorite in the run up to the bout, but it seems that not everyone was so convinced that the Conor McGregor we saw last night was going to turn up.

Indeed, Instagram sensation Dan Bilzerian appeared to be so confident in a Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone victory, that he placed an enormous cash bet on Cowboy to pull off the upset, per Business Insider.

Taking to his Instagram page with a picture of himself with a huge stack of cash and some change in a bag, Bilzerian wrote, "Puttin some pocket change on @cowboycerrone who y'all got?"

Now, he didn't specify the exact amount of money he had placed, but internet sleuths estimated the bundles of cash to total up to roughly $1m.

Since Cowboy was the betting underdog, if he had pulled off the upset, it would have been a very happy night in Vegas for Dan Bilzerian.

In any case, he didn't seem to take the loss all that hard:

If only I could have such a philosophical outlook after losing $10 betting on the football.