Floyd Mayweather just announced he's coming back to fight Manny Pacquiao this year

Floyd Mayweather just announced he's coming back to fight Manny Pacquiao this year

Last year was a big year for boxer Floyd Mayweather, after he finally got to take on UFC fighter Connor McGregor in the epic clash of titans that fans of his had been clamouring for for years. However, despite that, one of the most important bouts in his career is still undoubtedly his 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Back then, his deft movement and pivoting technique made sure he rang rings around Pacquiao, who only managed to land 19 per cent of his punches. He won via unanimous decision with most media outlets scoring the bout 16/18  in his favour.

Ever since then, sports fans have been desperate for a potential rematch, but Mayweather remained obstinate until he told ESPN's Stephen Smith in a text that he would consider one after Pacquiao had recovered from shoulder surgery. For a while, this gave people hope until Floyd stated in a later interview: "Did I text Stephen A. Smith and say I will fight him again? Yeah, but I change my mind. At this particular time, no, because he's a sore loser and he's a coward." Those words seemed to be the last nail in the coffin of a potential second bout ... until now. 

In a surprise twist, Floyd Mayweather appears to have announced that he intends to have a rematch against Manny Pacquiao this year. He delivered the bombshell in a super-hyped Instagram story, after the two fighters encountered each other at a party in Japan, stating: "I'm coming back in December ... I’m coming back to fight Manny Pacquiao this year. Another nine-figure pay-day on the way."

Further details of the fixture are currently unknown, and Pacquiao is yet to comment on the announcement or make any kind of statement personally. However, the news will certainly whet the appetites of boxing fans around the world. Fans on social media immediately went wild at the news of the rematch, with one Twitter-user writing: "Hopefully Manny will be injury free an ko him this time [sic]" while another commenter added "Boxing ain’t the same without you man, one more champ!! [sic]"

Recently when interviewed regarding the possibility of a rematch, Pacquiao stated: "If he decides to go back to boxing then that is the time we are going to call the shots ... I have the belt, so it's up to him. If he wants to come back in boxing, let's do a second one."

Their first fight was once believed to be the most lucrative boxing fixture in the history of the sport and was allegedly worth over £230m to both men. Bearing that in mind, it's likely that this upcoming figure will make them just as much dough. Hmmm, I wonder if Floyd has been gambling again, or maybe he wants another mansion somewhere. Who knows? All I can say is this: it'll be one hell of a showdown.