Floyd Mayweather shows off his insane watch collection in angry video rant

Floyd Mayweather shows off his insane watch collection in angry video rant

Whether you're a fan of him or not, you've got to admit that Floyd Mayweather is one hell of a businessman. He manages to earn astounding amounts of money for what he does, acting as his own personal hypeman with promotional rants about his prowess in the ring.

It almost doesn't matter what happens when he eventually gets there, because he's already made his money - but it doesn't hurt that he remains undefeated.

This undefeated streak went unbroken recently, as he took on Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa at an exhibition match on New Year's Eve. "I wanted to do something different. I wanted to display my skills outside the US and be in a special fight," Mayweather said in November. "I want to give the people what they want - blood, sweat and tears."

That's exactly what they got, although none of the blood, sweat or tears came from the American boxer. The boxer knocked Tenshin down three times in the first round before the Japanese fighter threw in the towel - all before the three-minute mark. Not only that, but for this (not even) three minutes in the ring with someone not trained in the same fighting style, he managed to rake in over $9 million.

"I want to say thank you to Tenshin. This don't go on our record," Mayweather said after the fight, according to the Evening Standard. "We are both still undefeated. He is a great champion and a great fighter. I am still retired. I don't look to come back to boxing. I came back for entertainment for the people of Japan."

However, it doesn't seem that these winnings cheered him up much, as he went on an angry rant on Instagram. In a new video, he shared his expensive watch collection and some stacks of cash, saying that "people are always in my f**king business, worried about what I'm doing."

"When I go on pay-cation for 30 days, I take 30 watches with me," he says as he opens three cases of watches. "But, you know what? If we add 10 more days, I take 10 more watches. But then I say, ‘F**k it.’ If I wanna bring out the one and only, then I’ll take out the watch that costs $18 million.”

His anger could come from a lot of places, but it might come from those who didn't take too well to his exhibition match against Nasukawa. "That's pretty much a joke isn't it? I think so," boxing promoter Bob Arum said of the fight. "Because it's not a real fight... the people who are watching that nonsense are pretty well jerks."

The score didn't count on the record for either fighter, and it seemed that Mayweather didn't even have to break a sweat to take down his opponent, so it's easy to see why Arum referred to it as a "non-event". Either way, it looks like Mayweather has got plenty of bling to show for his work - and he wants everyone to know about it.