High school student runs 100m just 0.4 seconds slower than Usain Bolt

High school student runs 100m just 0.4 seconds slower than Usain Bolt

The World's Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, now has some serious competition in the form of an American high school senior.

Eighteen-year-old student Matthew Boling, a senior at Strake Jesuit College Prep in Houston, Texas, has dropped jaws around the world by setting a new record for the fastest American under 20 to run 100m.

He ran the distance in just 9.98 seconds.

To see Boling's incredible speed for yourself, check out the video below: 

But the most impressive fact about this feat is that he was just 0.4 seconds slower than the current World's Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, who set the current world record in 2009 by running the distance in just 9.58 seconds.

As a result of his incredible speed, Boling has now earned himself the nickname "White Lightning".

Check out Usain Bolt's record-breaking sprint below:

He is currently on track to represent the US at the 2020 Olympics, and if his performance above, which took place at a meet in Houston, is anything to go by, he is quite literally on track to become the new World's Fastest Man.

The American teen who is almost as fast as Usain Bolt. Credit: Twitter / @matthew_boling1

However, while Boling may have beat the current record for the fastest American under 20 to run 100m, he's not the official record holder. That title belongs to Trentavis Friday, who ran 100m in just 10 seconds in 2014.

This is because Boling had the advantage of a 4.2mph tailwind behind him.

Recounting his incredible performance to the Houston Chronicle, he said:

"It definitely felt good. My block start was pretty good and right out of the gate I knew it was going to be fast, so I decided to turn it up a little bit and ran my best. I was really happy with the time.

"I just have to get ready for that four seconds where I'm nervous and then, like, after that, it's just smooth."

Matthew Boling runs 100m. Credit: Twitter / @matthew_boling1

The 18-year-old is currently preparing for the Texas state finals meet, so, as you can imagine, all eyes will now be on him for another impressive performance.

He said of his nickname:

"Some people call me the Bogeyman. I heard some people calling me the Horseman. I've heard different stuff.

"I think I'd prefer being known as 'White Lightning' to being called 'Bogeyman' or 'Horseman'. Just a matter of personal preference, I guess."

Matthew Boling being interviewed. Credit: Twitter / @emcstats

Understandably, Boling's parents are incredibly proud of him, and LADbible reports that his father, Mark, told reporters: "He just has a work ethic that is beyond anything I've ever seen from anybody."