Houston Rockets usher wows everyone at game with his unreal dance moves

Houston Rockets usher wows everyone at game with his unreal dance moves

In a recent Marvel movie, a character says: "there are two types of beings in the universe, those who dance, and those who do not". I am definitely in the latter category. I can just about dance if I'm in a crowded, dark club and I've had way too many drinks to care what I look like. The rest of the time anyone trying to get me to dance will be sorely disappointed (but not as much as if they actually saw me try).

That's why things like the 'dance cam' utilised at sporting events sound like a nightmare to me. Being put on the spot to show your moves in front of thousands of others (as well as the millions watching at home) isn't exactly an appealing scenario, but some people can pull it off masterfully.

At a recent Houston Rockets game, where the basketball team were up against the Washington Wizards, one usher showed us all how it should be done. The Houston Rockets have been having a spectacular season, breaking records as they go, but it also turns out they have the best usher in the world too.

Initially posted on their Instagram along with the caption, "Our dance cam has been full of surprises all season," the below video shows the initially shy usher burst into an outrageous routine:

The absolute best thing about this clip is how he waves off the crowd, as if to say "that's enough", pauses, then launches back into something even better. And how about that back flip? This was his moment to shine and he nailed it.