Huge bald eagle goes rogue and lands on shocked fans in crowd at college football game

Huge bald eagle goes rogue and lands on shocked fans in crowd at college football game

Two sports fans got the shock of their lives this weekend, as a huge bald eagle went rogue at a college football game in Texas.

A 90,000-strong crowd watched the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, the college football playoff semi-final between Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Clemson Tigers - but nobody was prepared for what happened when Clark the bald eagle deviated from his flight plan.

Clark was apparently meant to fly around the stadium during the national anthem, but decided that he didn't quite want to follow orders. Instead of landing near his handler, he instead flew straight for Notre Dame fan Albert Armas, 42 and his 13-year-old son Jaysen, who had bought the pair $20 tickets to the game for Christmas.

Not happy to just spook one unwitting fan, Clark also hopped onto the arm of Tuyen Nguyen after the spectator decided to get in on the act.

He told Sports Illustrated: "When I saw the bird land [on Armas], I thought the bird had to be very tired. So I put my hand out to see what happens. And it landed on me. It was very interesting. I was very excited. It was amazing, I couldn't even believe it."

Kimberley Martin, a senior NFL writer for Yahoo Sports, shared the hilarious scene on Twitter, where some people claimed that it could only be a good omen for Notre Dame.

You'll all be happy to know that after his brief excursion into the crowd, Clark was successfully retrieved by his handlers, who will be hoping to keep their bird on track next time around.

And for all the fans that hoped Clark's landing would be a good omen for Notre Dame... sadly they still lost 30-3. Maybe next year!