Jorge Masvidal demolishes Ben Askren with jaw-dropping fastest KO in UFC history

Jorge Masvidal demolishes Ben Askren with jaw-dropping fastest KO in UFC history

On New Year's Eve last year, Floyd Mayweather earned himself a steady $9 million for just three minutes in the ring. The boxing champion took on kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition match, knocking the Japanese fighter down three times in the first round, as his opponent was forced to throw in the towel before the three-minute mark.

But even that lasted longer than this recent UFC bout, in which a fighter was put down in just one move.

After months of feuding behind the scenes, Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren finally faced off at UFC 239 on July 7. Once inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, it didn't take long for Masvidal to secure the victory, brutally knocking out Askren in just five seconds - the fastest stoppage in UFC history.

The fight starts with Masvidal sprinting towards his opponent, landing a leaping right knee strike that catches Askren in the head, just as he was going in for a takedown. You can see the unlikely moment in the video below:

The referee signalled for the end of the fight as Askren fell unconscious, while Masvidal's punches continued to rain down on him.

He was eventually restrained by security, at which point he calmed down and shared some thoughts on his victory.

"I really wanted to beat his ass for 14 minutes and 55 seconds but it didn't happen," he said. "Whatever. I don't have anything nice to say about Ben Askren so my mother said if you don't than not to say anything at all."

"He's a bum. That dude was talking wild, man. I had to show him that there's consequences sometimes. There's some bad motherf***ers out there, you don't want to wake them up. You guys are welcome for ending that dude."

"I'm coming for that belt. I don't know who I am fighting next or whatnot, but after 16 years in this sport, it's time."

Askren needed further time to recover consciousness, and was later seen being helped out of the cage, looking unsteady on his feet. Dana White later confirmed that the fighter was ok.