Mexican boxer defeats American fighter wearing Trump 'America First' border wall shorts

Mexican boxer defeats American fighter wearing Trump 'America First' border wall shorts

Donald Trump and Mexico are not exactly BFF's. When Trump kicked off his presidential campaign, he disparaged Mexican immigrants, saying, "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." At his rallies, he promised to build a big, glorious wall between the United States and Mexico, and claimed Mexico would pay for it. When he became president, he discovered there's no way that's going to happen. Instead, Trump tried to work wall funding into the budget, so the American taxpayers would foot the enormous bill. But that didn't work out either. The budget - which he signed -  includes funding to secure fences that already exist, not to construct any of his wall prototypes.

Still, President Trump's supporters staunchly support building the wall and believe it's the best way to stop illegal immigration. Surprisingly, this political turmoil played out in the boxing ring. At Golden Boy's ESPN event in Indio, California, American fighter Rod Salka took on Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas. However, Salka walked out to the ring in an outfit that made a jingoistic statement: red, white and blue shorts, with Trump's "America First" slogan, and a pattern of the promised brick border wall.

That ensemble might have intimidated some boxers, with its garish celebration of Trump's xenophobic policies. However, Vargas was undeterred, and replied with his fists. Actions speak louder than words, after wall. The super-featherweight matchup became a bonafide bloodbath, with Vargas destroying Salka in six rounds.

Twitter users shared clips of Salka getting pummeled, adding snarky comments like "the alt-right must be disappointed" and  "so much winning!" Despite his cocky ensemble, the American boxer was utterly devastated throughout the whole fight. After landing a flurry of ferocious punches, Vargas knocked the wall down.

One of the announcers commented on the symbolism, saying "We are not going to get into these issues, but I think we are bringing a spirit typical of Latino people—this heart, this delivery... Let's leave it by saying it was a good choice to take on Salka."

At the end of six rounds, Vargas - who has a record of 25-1-2, with 18 knockouts - landed 112 punches. Meanwhile, Salka - who has a record of 24-5, with 4 knockouts) - landed 75, giving his opponent a decisive win. Both boxers fought well, but Salka certainly invited criticism wearing such a brazenly political outfit.

It remains to be seen if Trump's border wall will ever become a reality. The President still mentions it in speeches, and promises it's coming on Twitter. Recently he caught flack for a tweet, because he bragged about a "great briefing" about the Southern Border Wall, attached photos of maintenance on a fence which has existed since 2009. Repairing a fence is not the same as building a wall.

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