Mike Perry suffers one of worst nose breaks in UFC history

Mike Perry suffers one of worst nose breaks in UFC history

It's a fact that mixed martial artists, or anyone who fights for sport, can sometimes sustain gruesome and ugly injuries. This is particularly true in the UFC, where some of the most badass people on the planet clash in the ring and beat the tar out of one another. The fighters aren't playing around, they know that they can get badly hurt, and that doesn't stop them from giving it their all.

If you want an example of this, then look no further than the following video, which shows 27-year-old UFC welterweight Mike Perry sustaining one of the worst broken noses in the history of martial arts when he took a brutal kick to the face.

Warning, the following footage of the fight is extremely graphic and bloody:

Perry had his nose broken after taking a flying kick from Vicente Luque, when sparring against him at UFC Fight Night 156 in Montevideo, Uruguay on Friday. The knee kick was so hard that Perry's nose began gushing blood, and was bent in the wrong direction afterward.

After crushing his opponent’s nose Luque tried a front choke to finish the fight. Yet despite his horrendously-mutilated face, Perry somehow managed to work himself free, and looked as though he was planning on doing some more damage before the bell sounded to end the final round.

Luque won after a split-decision, and both men had the honor of winning Fight of the Night performance bonuses. However, it was Perry's wounds that were the talk of the fans, and many were left concerned about his health.

According to MMAFighting reporter Damon Martin, Perry was promptly rushed to a nearby hospital afterward, as a result of him suffering breathing problems.

Taking to Instagram following the fight, he shared a picture of himself lying in the hospital, flipping off the camera with a bandaged nose. He wrote: "Still can't knock me out."

Perry also later shared a photograph of himself and his opponent, and captioned the picture: "FOTN! It takes 2! Thanks for the bonus, you didn’t have to do my face like that tho sheesh. Cursed with this chin, should’ve had my guard up like you. Ko or not one significant strike can do the job. When I’m healed we’ll train so you can beat these wrestlers. Congrats @luquevicente! [sic]"

Vicennte himself was a good sport about it all, and took to the comment to write: "Look forward to train with you! I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other. No doubt you’re the toughest man I’ve fought and we showed everyone out there what fighting is about. Respect 🙏🏼 [sic]"

This MMA fighter was immediately disqualified for flipping off his fallen opponent's back:

The fans were amazed, shocked, and amused in equal measure by the egregious injury, and on social media, they made their feelings known about the gory melee.

So there you have it guys. Don't get into sports like this if you can't shrug off a nasty blow, or if you don't want to lose a pint of blood through your nostrils.